25 Day Mystery Advent Calendar Featuring an EXCLUSIVE ART Kit

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**Since it is now 2020, this bundle's original retail price of $50.00 has been discounted 25% off, making it only $37.50. The retail value of the entire bundle is $93.00, so that is a 60% off! Please note you may use coupons to purchase this bundle, increasing the savings even more! 
  • This bundle includes 26 individually wrapped envelopes. The first is an "Open before you begin" envelope and would typically be opened on November 30th. It contains some general information about the advent, instructions and some freebies. Then on December 1st you would open your first envelope and continue opening one envelope a day through Christmas (the final envelope, #25 being opened on December 25th). If you'd rather, you may open them all at once, but please be respectful on social media about ruining the surprise for others who may be opening them traditionally. Please only show photos/videos of items as that day passes, as to not tarnish the advent experience for others. Each envelope contains at least one sticker sheet. The entire advent includes 35 sheets of stickers, plus freebies. Please note that sheets vary in size between quarter and full. The Chasing Chels items are printed on Glossy sticker paper and our foil on transparent sticker paper, but the 9 other shops printed their items on various paper types. Also note that this advent does not contain pens, washi tape or other "planner accessories," it is 100% a sticker advent. This includes an Exclusive Art Chasing Chels Kit, functional sheets, decorative sheets, character sheets and foil, in order to spoil each customer with a wide range of stickers to fit any planning style. The advent calendar will be shipped on or before November 1st in order for customers to receive it prior to the December 1st typical start date. 

General Shop Information:

  • Handmade and ready to ship from Western Oregon
  • Flat rate shipping to USA: $4.00 ($50+ free)
  • Flat rate shipping to Canada: $10.00 ($100+ free)
  • Flat rate shipping to other: $14.00 ($115+ free)
  • All stickers are kiss cut and ready to peel and stick
  • Vertical ECLP, but can be adapted for any planner
  • Due to the foiling process small errors may occur
  • Small black marks on cut lines are a normal occurrence
  • Attempting to remove or adjust stickers may crack foil
  • To help peel stickers, gently bend the sheet and pull sticker

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