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  • Product Details

    NO physical items will be mailed to you.

    This is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD meaning, you can print and cut this collection today.

    If you are interested in the PHYSICAL VERSION (shipped to you), search this collection's name on the website and it will pop up if available. 

    Due to the nature of the product, I cannot offer refunds, exchanges or returns, on any digital items.

    Please keep in mind that printed colors may vary depending on monitor and printer settings, along with the paper used when printing.

    In order to use these files as they are intended, it is essential that you are familiar with a silhouette cutting machine as these files are not meant to be hand cut with scissors.

    The files will be delivered in a zip folder via a link sent to your email after your order is completed, so before ordering verify that you have access to the email you're ordering with.

    After downloading and "unzipping," the folder, you will be able to open the file folder, in which you will find two more folders, one with the PDF files for printing and one with the free silhouette studio files for cutting. 

    Collections include files to print the ultimate and/or mini kit pages shown in the listing photos, so you can print exactly what you need/want.

    Once payment is received, you will be able to instantly download your files from the Shopify site.

    Files will be delivered in zip file format so you will need to know how to open them to be able to use them.

  • How to Use Printable Files
    1. Click on link, sent via email after order is completed
    2. Download the collection's zip file folder
    3. Unzip the collection's file folder
    4. Open the "Print" folder
    5. Open each PDF using Adobe Acrobat Reader (or comparable program)
    6. Print the files on 8.5"x11" sticker paper 100% to scale
    7. Open the "Cut" folder
    8. Put sticker sheet onto cutting mat and load to machine
    9. Open Silhouette cut file to match sheet (see file names)
    10. Click the "Send" tab and set your cutting setting to: advance line color
    11. Make sure RED lines cut first and are set to your kiss cut setting
    12. Make sure BLUE lines cut second and are set to cut all the way through
  • Additional Information about Printables
  • I do not support Cricut. I do not own a Cricut machine and cannot guarantee accuracy, thus I do not offer blackout files.  

    You can print and cut these files as many times as you'd like for personal use only! Commercial use of the Chasing Chels format and/or designs is prohibited. 

    Please do not share my files, resell, or distribute in any kind of format.

    I do not include exact Silhouette Studio cut setting instructions because these values vary depending on the paper type you choose, but I love the Silhouette School blog for tips and tricks if you need help! I recommend Online Labels Standard White Matte, Removable White Matte, Weatherproof Matte Inkjet (premium matte), or White Gloss Inkjet sticker paper in 8.5"x11." The company is reliable and consistently produces great quality and customer service.  The sticker paper can be found on their website or on Amazon

    Feel free to email me at with any questions.

    Created in Western Oregon & available for download everywhere

    Vertical planning stickers, but can be adapted for any planner

    Colors may vary by computer screen

    The grid watermark in listing photos will not appear on the printed stickers

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